Christine Martucci

Christine Martucci is renowned for her soulful tenacity, kind-hearted interaction and emotional songwriting, pulling heart strings and opening minds all across the country.

Raised in a musical family, Christine has music in her soul. She has her own grass-roots following dubbing themselves the "Tucci Train". Martucci's bunch literally made it possible for her to outdraw headlining national acts by showing up in droves to cheer her on and support her newest projects.

Asbury Park, NJ is Christine's home base. Touring the country is her dream, and she is living her dream every day!

"Christine Martucci sets a high standard for her music right in the beginning and carries it right on through the rest of the CD. To say that Christine Martucci connects personally with her listening audience is an understatement. In both her live performances and on her CD (I've had the privilege of hearing Ms. Martucci live as well as on the disc), she surrenders herself to her listeners, and relinquishes some degree of control to her loyal rock subjects. Yet at the same time, she also dominates that audience with her music."

- "Jedstar" Staff Writer

"After meeting and listening to Christine Martucci's eclectic CD "I'm All In," I wondered why a show like American Idol hadn't discovered this young lady. As I got to know Christine a little better, I realized she has so much more to offer than the pre-packaged singers that are paraded weekly on music reality shows. With a solid foundation in blues, R&B and hard rock vocal acrobatics, Christine can electrify, wail and serenade with the best of them.

"Christine Martucci's sophisticated musical taste goes way beyond the niche marketing that far too many artists are forced to operate out of. Only a musical artist of her immense talent and vision would dare do a musical about the great iconoclast Janis Joplin. Although musicals about Janis Joplin have been done before - a few years ago a critically-acclaimed version ran Off-Broadway - not until Martucci's "Breakfast with Janis" do we experience Janis Joplin as confidant, sage and late-night carousing buddy.

-William Gooch Stage and Cinema

"This disc is a gem all its own, but one should try to get any further releases by Martucci and her band. I have little doubt in my mind that anything further will only be the next step in an evolution of the artist and her band. Without anything that could easily be construed as a flaw, it should only be a matter of time before Martucci reaches a higher level of fame."


Armed with a killer set of pipes and a kicking rock and roll band, there is no stopping this captivating live performer!

Christine has opened for many national recording artists, including Gavin DeGraw, Michele Branch, Kansas, Patty Smythe and Scandal, Mountain. She also has headlined major venues on the east coast and has been awarded local awards for her voice and her sophomore release "I'm All In".


Christine Martucci: Guitar, Singer/Songwriter, Lead Vocals
Her band is comprised of touring professional musicians and changes depending on venue and compensation from promoters.


Debut CD: "Mama Says" (Released July 2003)
Sophomore CD: "I'm All In" (Released February 2007)
"Sin and Redemption" (Released March 2011)

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