ISWM Indie Pick of the Month: Christine Martucci - "Mama Says"

Independent Songwriter

THE CD: At first, we thought that the vocals trailed off (lost power at the end of the verse) because of limitations in vocal range. Then after listening to the whole album, we came to the conclusion that it's more of a style issue. Christine does seem to be holding back vocally, but it seems to work in the songs on her self-titled CD.

WHY IT WAS SELECTED: Not only is it rare to hear rock vocals without all the loud music drowning out the lyrics, it's also a treat to have a rock album that dares to have ballads stripped down to the core essentials.

SUMMARY: The reason we focused so much on the vocals was because that seemed to be one of the selling points of the album. Yes, the songs themselves were wonderful, but if a singer is being promoted along with the song... if the songwriter is thinking about becoming a successful artist in addition to a writing career, they need to be aware that the whole presentation takes on a different angle of review. But all that aside, any fan of bare-bones rock music will absolutely love this album.

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